About us

The Association for Humanitarian and Social tourism Ponte was founded on 26th May 2014. in Tisno. The Association was founded in order to promote humanitarian and social tourism for people with less buying power and for socially excluded people from the Republic of Croatia as well as the entire area of the European Union. All the activities of the association are based on the principle of transparency and openness, of generosity and solidarity, on voluntary participation, of selflessness and dedication of its members to assist the weak and socially vulnerable. The Association is committed to foster the growth of social communities; to encourage initiatives for citizens and to promote philanthropy. With our actions, education and information we would like to encourage the local population to work on the development of family accommodation offers and we want our accommodation owners to become the important stakeholders for tourism in every municipality. The Statute of the Association guarantee its transparency. Click here to download the Ponte’s statute: Statut – PDF 120KB

The main objectives

Some of the main objectives of “Ponte” set out in the Statutes of the Association are:

  • to take actions in order to improve the quality of life, based on the human rights to rest and have some leisure time
  • to gather companies and individuals who are engaged in tourism for the purpose of renting accommodation to (people with less spending power) vulnerable and those facing poverty
  • to develop tourism for all social categories
  • to develop voluntary work
  • to develop cooperation with related organisations in the EU
  • to collect and distribute humanitarian aid like equipment needed to go to skiing or equipment for summer holidays
  • encourage philanthropy in the community


Ponte will connect accommodation owners with people with less buying power, and with people that are receiving social welfare allowances and for whom holidays (being a tourist) might look like an unfulfilled dream. We (will) endeavor to provide holidays in the form of accommodation to everyone (for all those wishing to) Also, we provide additional activities during your vacation such as tourist offer vouchers and donations. We work with the accommodation landlords in the winter time, organise their education and help them with the exchange of accommodation as well as encourage holidays and travels for the landlords.


Ponte’s vision is to develop tourism for all social categories, especially for children and young people, for large families, for senior citizens and disabled people. We (will) provide a fundamental human right for holidays and some leisure time to every person. We promote philanthropy and work on strengthening cooperation with similar social organizations in Croatia and the EU. We also work on strengthening our community with the singular purpose of creating a better society for us and for our children.